Monday, October 24, 2016

Easy Homecook Recipe: Rice Cooker Pasta

When Hubby started travelling for work again, I was in a depressive state. If you ever tried solo-parenting before, you will know it's so dreaded! There is simply no rest! 

The most difficult thing is to cook! It's too elaborative to cook full meals (3 dishes and 1 soup) for 1 adult, 1 child and 1 toddler right? We are all small eaters some more! And it's so not justifiable to do the washing up!! 

So i started exploring cooking using the rice cooker, and wondered WHY I didn't look into this sooner! The rice cooker is a godsend invention that all Mamas must learn to exploit and use it to our advantage!

Here's sharing an Easy Peasy Rice Cooker Pasta Recipe, that you simply pour everything in, press the button and tadah~ A yummy meal is can be served within 30 minutes! My sons, they didn't know how easy it was to cook this and they always thought that their mummy is a great cook! They said unanimously that this is the best thing eaten! ;p

Yummy and Healthy Pasta served within 30 mins, all done by the rice cooker!

Ingredients Required
  1. 1 Cup Pasta (my kids love the elbow or seashell pasta!) 
  2. 1 Cup water or chicken stock 
  3. Half Cup pasta sauce
  4. Sliced Salmon pieces (or other meat as your desired)
  5. Cut Broccoli or carrots (or other vegetables as desired)
  6. Cut Sausages (or any other ingredients as desired)
  7. Some mozzarella cheese and some parmesan cheese
P/S: The above portion is just nice for my 2 children and myself as we are small eaters. The ratio for cooking this pasta in rice cooker is 1 Cup pasta to 1 Cup water and Half Cup pasta sauce. So increase them accordingly. :) There is enough liquid to cook the pasta and the ingredients (be careful not to put too much ingredients) so do not try to put too much water if not you will get mushy pasta to eat! :) 

  1. Pour in Pasta and water into Rice Cooker
  2. Add and stir in the Pasta Sauce
  3. Add in the rest of the ingredients and stir lightly
  4. Top with some mozzarella cheese
  5. Close the lid of rice cooker and press the cook rice button
  6. Just rest or go about doing other chores!
  7. The pasta is done when the light turns to "Keep Warm"!
  8. Served and top with some parmesan cheese if desired! Enjoy!

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Review: Recording Memories with Ashley Low's Outdoor Photography

Back when we only have one child, we used to take family photo shoots very often, like 3 to 4 times a year? This is because we realised the little one grew so fast! Even though we took a photo shoot every few months, but the photos from each photo shoot revealed how rapidly the boy was growing, his milestones and how our family was evolving! And I love looking through those photos, every pictures reminds me of a moment or stories of Big Brother's younger days! 

A Photo from our photoshoot at Fort Canning, back when Big Brother was the only child

This tradition of ours stopped when Little Brother arrived though. I am guilty to say that since Little Brother was born, we only have two family photo shoots taken and we really don't have many full family portraits. You know how it is like when you have two active boys. :/

Photos from our Studio Photoshoot when Little Brother was 7 months old

We only managed one studio photo shoot when Little Brother was 7 months old and another outdoor photo shoot when Little Brother was 2 years old. And that's when Hubby threw in the white flag and told me he doesn't want anymore photo shoots. :( I admit too, it's physically and mentally very draining after each photography session, especially for outdoor photography. The outdoor photographers that took pictures for us, were usually young men with little experience with children. When we had one child, it was easy for me to distract the boy and attract him to look at the camera. But when we had two, it took much longer for us to have everyone looking or facing the camera! 

So, this year, when I had the opportunity to work together with Ashley Low Photography, I was ecstatic and at the same time worried if Hubby would agree to another family photo shoot again. I pestered and he reluctantly agreed, :D. And I am glad we took on the opportunity! If you are not aware, Ashley's newborn baby photos are amazing! You can see the beautiful newborns photos at their Facebook!

We made an appointment with Ashley Low Photography one month prior to the photography date. We preferred outdoor photography because my children has more room to move and be themselves and I like nature and natural shots than studio photography. Stacey, the Studio's assistant, was helpful in replying my queries and pointed me to the list of outdoor location recommendations for our considerations as well as the preparation guideline for the photoshoot day.  

We settled for a weekday early evening shoot at 5pm and met Ashley Low herself, as well as her assistant, in front of Popeyes at the Punggol Promenade.  It was the first time we have an evening photo shoot, usually we always go for mornings shoot as I was afraid the boys may be cranky and tired by evening time. I also wondered if the sun will go down rather quickly, if there is enough lights for photo taking? Turned out, it was quite a good time. It wasn't too sunny, but we sweated buckets of sweat! So can you imagine how we would have melted (and how cranky the boys will be) if the photo shoot was earlier? 

Luckily, my boys warmed up quickly to Ashley and her photography assistant. I myself had brought along candies and some bubbles for the boys to blow, but I was surprised when Ashley and her assistant had their own barangs for attracting children to the camera! Ashley had a squeaky toy attached to her camera and her assistant was always standing behind her to help us attract the boys' attention. This is the first time Hubby and I heard "Daddy and Mummy! Just look and smiled at the camera! When the boys turned I will snap the picture! Look here! Look here!" I didn't have to "threaten" the boys too much to look at the camera! Haha! ;p 

Ashley's assistant even brought along a bubble machine that blows bubbles! 

For the first time, Hubby & I can relax at a side and not act like clowns to gain the boy's attention. I can even take pictures of the behind the scene! 

I tell you, my boys are very active. I was impressed Ashley even ran together with the boys to take photos of them!

It was the first time I could sit at the side and idle when the photographer was taking pictures of my boys. I used to be acting like a clown, making funny sounds or resort to commanding the boys to look at the camera etc. A photography session should really feels like this!  

I took the below pictures for Little Brother and was feeling worried about how Ashley's photos will turn out, as you can see from my photos. The sun was setting and there was not much light. 

So when i was able to view my photos, my worries were unfounded and I super love the pictures! What do you think? 

Our family shots where Hubby & I only need to look at the camera and Ashley & her assistant will do the rest

I love actions shots like theses too! It's difficult and unnatural to ask a child to pose stiffly ya know? 

My solo shots with my baby boys (they are forever my babies ma!)

I love Little Brother's pictures taken with Hubby too!

Loving their smiles in this photo!

Just to share, Ashley Low Photography also provide products packages where you can turn your photoshoot into prints, canvas, frames or coffee table photo books to keep! The best part, the photo books are fully personalised and designed by Ashley Low Photography and clients can view for approval before printing! That saved me hours of sitting down in front of the laptop late at night to design and print a photo book by myself! Here's a peek at our photo book! 

Our 11x8.5" landscape photobook designed by ALP

Top: The front and back cover
Bottom: I love how the pictures turn out!

I must give credit to Ashley and her assistant! They were by far, the only photographers whom I met that I can leave it totally to them to engage my children! Usually Hubby and I had to act like clowns just to take smiley pictures of our boys. But with Ashley, I will let the pictures do the talking! I SUPER LOVE the pictures of the boys!! And all theses pictures are through interactions with the photographer and her assistant alone!

{Discount Code}

I am happy to share that Ashley is very generous to provide a $50 off discount for any of their photoshoot sessions for Miracule's readers!  

For those who are keen to make your own memories, please contact them directly via Phone: 6702 4252 / 9640 3774 / 9848 8522 or Email to! Remember to quote "Miracule" to get the S$50 discount! 

  • Ashley Low Photography Outdoor Family photoshoot session starts from S$250. 
  • Additional charges applies for products.
  • This discount s valid until 30th June 2017 only. 
  • Other Terms & Conditions applies. 

About Ashley Low Photography

Ashley Low Photography was started about 5 years ago by Ashley, our photographer. Ashley Low, the only Photographer in Ashley Low Photography (ALP). She started off as a Family Photographer doing loads of outdoor photoshoots for families with babies/children of all ages. Her photoshoots are full of energy and fun. Her shoot involves different combinations of your family for the photos, from entire family to parent with child(ren), siblings, to solo children shots. For outdoor shoot, it will be a location of your choice or we can recommend. Whichever location you like, trust that you will have a great and fun session with Ashley. We also do photography for maternity, newborn and baby (3-12 months old).

Disclaimer: Our family was invited by Ashley Low Photography to try Outdoor Family Session. We were given some edited digital copies and a 11x8.5" coffee table photo book for review purposes. No other form of compensation is involved and all opinions and images are my own, unless otherwise stated. No part is to be copied or reproduced without permission.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Things Little Brother Says

It's been awhile since i last recorded down conversations with my little ones!

This, i had to jot it down, as i didn't expect 3.5 years old Little Brother to reply me like this.

One night, I was cuddling Little Brother in the living room and

Me: DD!!! I love you!!!

Dd: (looks at me ernestly) then do you love me when I am Notti?

Me: (stunned for a moment) ..... what do you think?

Dd: you love me when I am Notti right?

Haha!! Kids! They always say the least expected things! 

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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Easy Homecook Recipe: Clams in Homemade Broth

I love clams, my hubby love clams! Too bad my children do not dare to try clams at all... but there's no reason why I cannot cook it myself to enjoy at home! One thing about having clams outside is, I feel they are usually very overcharged, especially given that they are so easy to prepare! I bet once you started cooking clams yourself, you will not want to pay for it outside ever again! ;p

So the other day I shared on social media the clams that I prepared for dinner and when Angeline asked me for the recipe, i was a little stumped, haha! Because I am really just an amateur lazy cook who only attempt simple dishes (simple as in, minimal cleaning up to do!) Then i think it will be good to share my so simple recipe with others who may be interested to whip up nice to eat dishes in a short time frame, as well as with minimal cleaning up too! (I hate cleaning up oily kitchen!)

The photo of clams in homemade broth (it's without chinese wine)

So here I go, sharing this super simple clams in homemade broth (which you can just add in cooked pasta to turn it into Vongole!)

I have tried to cook it two ways - with just water (it tastes superb!) and another version with chinese wine (and it's tastes good as well too!) You can try alternating for different versions to see which you like better. :)

And here's the version with the chinese wine (it has a slight tinge of bitterness of the wine)

Ingredients Required
  1. Fresh Clams 
    • I always buy mine at Sheng Siong Supermarket, around $4 to $6 will get you quite a big pack!
    • Bring the clams home as soon as you can after you purchased them so that they can be kept alive
    • Add a few teaspoons of salt into a pot of clean water
    • Pour in the clams
    • Cut a piece of aluminium foil and cover the top of the pot, leaving only a small gap. This will help the clams to open and remove the sand in the clams
    • When you are ready to cook, simply rinse and scrub the clams and drain dry for use
  2. Minced Garlic (amount as you desired)
  3. Minced Ginger (amount as you desired)
    • I love ginger so i minced them for more flavor, you can put sliced gingers instead if you do not like to eat ginger
  4. Sliced Chilli Padi (or you can omit)
  5. Some Oil 
    • I used olive oil over low heat because it's less oily ;p
  6. Some oyster sauce
    • I used vegetarian mushroom oyster sauce cause that's what i have in the fridge
  7. Some water or Shao Xing Hua Diao Wine (as desired)
The ingredients and sauces that I used

  1. Heat up some olive oil in a pot, over low heat  
  2. Next, add in minced garlic, ginger and chilli and saute for about 1.5 minutes
  3. Then, add in the oyster sauce and mix well
  4. Add in about a bowl of water (or lesser) and mix well 
    • You can replace this step with the Shao Xing Hua Diao Wine if you desired the chinese wine version
  5. Add in clams and cover the pot
  6. Turn the fire up to medium low and cook for around 3 minutes (or when the clams have all open up if you have more clams). By the way, listen up for the clams opening symphony! ;) 
  7. Turn off the fire
  8. Discard the clams that did not open at all, they are dead long ago and stinks! 
  9. Serve hot and enjoy! 

Hopefully you enjoy this dish as much as we did! :)

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Big Brother's First Paid Hair Cut!

Sorry for the non update! I was taking a break from blogging, initially it was suppose to be a month's break, but a break is a break so shiok, i missed the momentum to sit still and complete my numerous drafts that i started! I still have so many things I wanted to share about but hahaha, i will complete the posts one day! 

Sharing one of my happiest moments as a Mother! Big Brother finally had his first paid haircut after so many years! It may mean nothing to others, but sometimes you may not know what are the things that we have been taking granted for life and how blessed we are! 

Since the first time i brought Big Brother to a barber when he was around one years old, we realised that he was crying hysterically throughout. We later realised that he had a very big phobia of hair cuts! We had tried to bring him to many different hair salons or barbers but the trips always ended up with the shop owners asking us to leave without cutting his hair. 

And so, I have self trained to become the barber for my boy. The first few times I only trimmed his fringe and it ended up disastrous. Thereafter, EVERYONE (family, relatives and even strangers) kept on complaining WHY THE MOTHER never bring the boy for hair cut, why she never cut his hair etc. It's like it's ALL my fault... No one understands the challenges. 

I read back at what I wrote this on my blog before:

Accepting has allowed things to move on - for example, now I know he has sensory issues - that a shaver will not work on him and he cannot wear the protective gown and yet he go into a hysterical meltdown when the cut hairs fall onto him. No one believes me when I said that no hairdresser or barber dares to cut Kyle's hair because Kyle will go hysterical at their shops.. Everyone thinks I am lazy or can't understand why I am not cutting my son's hair. Even my hubby has problem holding Kyle down and when he gave up trying, I attempted to cut Kyle's hair myself. If I don't cut his hair, no one else could and I am his mother. If I don't cut his hair, I am the one that gets blamed by everyone. The first few times I cut his hair last year, I had to pin him down with my own body, we both ended up lying down on the bathroom floor with baby crying outside. Some people may comment that "Huh?! Why he is like that? He is so big now still afraid to cut hair?" Well, I can only say that my son is not the only person in this world that is afraid of getting his hair cut, and *shrugs* you are just lucky that your child does not have this issue!! At least, my son is one that really look very good with long hair.. so why let his hair bother you? And for myself, I applaud that I am turning into quite an experienced self trained hairdresser and I no longer have to pin him down anymore. 

We have came such a long way!!! You can read more about our haircut journey. As the boy grows older, I become more stressed about cutting his hair. I was so afraid of blotching up, because he will have to go to school with bad haircuts right? And Primary School is a lot stricter, i have to cut his hair rather frequently because he was ever told off by the Discipline Master once for the tail that was growing out from behind. And... haha, each time i cut his hair this year, I have to start talking to him like weeks before to prep him until he is ready for me to cut his hair.

Luckily Little Brother do not have issues with haircuts, I started bringing Little Brother for paid haircuts this year, and will showed off pictures & videos of his haircut to Big Brother. I even brought Big Brother along for Little Brother's haircut but each time he was adamant.

So, I was rather surprised when one day after school, Big Brother told me he would like to go to the shop to cut his hair! It was so sudden, but I do not want to miss the opportunity! I quickly brought him immediately to the salon to buy a haircut ticket!

Haha, it kinda helps that the founder of K-Cuts has the same name as Big Brother. So he asked for a picture with his poster!

He was jittery and nervous

So i asked him to take a look at others having their haircuts. NO ONE is crying, i told him. 

Namo Namo powers to be brave!

And then it was his turn! I did explained to the young man hairdresser that it's Big Brother's first paid haircut, and we will stop if Big Brother is not able to continue. As I used my phone to show him videos to distract him, so i wasn't able to take pictures of him during the haircut. But my heart, it's stressful thinking if he might act up, but it's also beaming with pride and tears!! He sat through the whole thing, and was even chatting with the young man hair-dresser! 

Tadah!! Big Brother's first paid haircut! I had told the stylists to go shorter so I don't have to come back so often! LOL

I am one happy mummy!! 

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Keeping my baby's first tooth

Earlier this year, in March, Big Brother had his school dental appointment and all was well. Just barely a month later, one day while i was chatting with Big Brother, i noticed something extra in his mouth so i asked him to open his mouth wide for me to see.

Was stunned to find two new teeth growing right behind his lower front baby teeth! My friend told me that this is called shark teeth. Haha. The adult tooth is growing before the baby tooth falls off! 

Big Brother was very very anxious when the lower front baby teeth began to shake. God knows how much he fussed over more than two weeks because of the loose teeth! :S I had borrowed MANY books from the library about losing baby teeth and read with him. Still, he is scared silly and doesn't want his baby tooth to be loose at all. The anxiety he felt about the old and new teeth was very real and yet nothing I did can console him except by distracting him.

So, in preparation for his first tooth to fall, i went online to order and search for something that can keep his baby tooth. I found this very very lovely baby tooth box on Qoo10, and the price is also very very friendly at less than S$20 including delivery to my home! I showed it to him and tell him that we will be keeping all his baby teeth into the box and label the dates he lose them etc. 

One fine day in school, Big Brother finally dropped his first tooth and he remembered to keep it properly in the pencil case and brought it back home.  Before that, he didn't forgot to show off to his friends and teachers! *bleah*

I love this wooden tooth box to bits! Don't you just love it?
Another week later, he shed the other loose tooth in the morning before we left home for school, and we get to add one more tooth to his tooth box! 

I realised that keeping the fallen teeth in a tooth box like this, helped him forgot about the anxiety of loosing the tooth and instead it became so fun and hands on - the washing of the tooth, identifying which tooth he lost, labeling the date etc. Actually, it's very fun and exciting for mummy too! 

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Event + Giveaway: Drive in Movie and Bouncy Castle at White Sands Mall

What do you say to kick off the June school holidays by bringing your loved ones for a movie under the stars experience? On 28 May 2016, White Sand is hosting an outdoor movie screening of Fantastic 4, with its newly refreshed new look and shopping space!

White Sands is just located next to Pasir Ris MRT Station

It's been a while since I last went to the mall as there are so much more newer malls sprouting up all over the Singapore Island! If you do not stay around Pasir Ris, you might not have know that the mall has been undergoing renovation and is completing all its upgrading works by Mid 2016!

It's a whole brand new spacious experience shopping at White Sands now!

For the June holidays, White Sands has quite a few programme round up for the little ones and young students! While you are there, remember to check out the newly revamped two-level Pasir Ris Public Library which is the first library managed by teens for teens! 

Programmes to Look Out For

Cuddle up with your loved ones and catch a show together under the stars with the outdoor screening of Fantastic Four (2015) on 28 May 2016, at the at the open field beside White Sands. Movie starts after sundown at 7pm. 
You can choose to enjoy the movie in your car by Driving-In or by having a picnic right by the screen! With just $5 per entry for the picnic area or $10 per vehicle for the movie drive-in area, you’d be able to enjoy the actions packed movie while munching on free flow candy floss and popcorn! You  will also bring home a White Sands mini fan, sculpted balloon, and play at bouncy castles and game booths for free!
If you are a SAF/SPF/SCDF personnel, good news for you! Simply flash your 11B at the event venue to get FREE entry (1 free vehicle per pass or 4 pax at picnic area)! Shoppers who spend $250 at White Sands between 29 April to 28 May’16* can also redeem for free entry to the movie! 
That’s not all – you can also shop till you drop at the charity and entrepreneur booths, on 28 and 29 May at the event area and inside the mall. 
*Tickets to be purchased or redeemed at the White Sands Customer Service Counter, level 2. Please read here for more details. 

The flurry of activity kicks off with an Adventurous Play Land and Balloon AniMazon in the Main Atrium (Level 1) of White Sands from 19 May – 26 May 2016. Bring your adventurous spirit along and venture through a giant maze with adorable safari animals, made entirely out of balloons - the fun continues at the Play Land with a mega bouncy castle! You’ll be invited to a whole day of cuteness with just $2 per person for the maze, and $5 per kid (above two years old) per 30 mins play for the Play Land! 

*Tickets to be purchased at the White Sands Customer Service Counter, level 2. Please read here for more details.

{ { { { G I V E A W A Y } } } }

Thank you to White Sands and Asiamalls, I have special tickets to giveaway to nine lucky families reading this blog, for the Drive In Movie Screening on 28 May 2016!

5 x families can win a set of 4 picnic mat tickets each (worth S$20)
4 x families can win a drive in ticket each (worth $10)

To participate in this giveaway, please follow the instructions below:

1) Share this Facebook Picture 
- Share this Picture to your Facebook Profile, remember to set post privacy settings to public
- Write "I wanna win the [Choose One: Picnic Mats tickets or Drive in Tickets] to Movie under the Stars by White Sands!"
- Hashtag #CheersAtWhiteSands and #MiraculeWhiteSandsGiveaway in the status

2) Repost on Instagram for an Additional Chance to Win!
- Repost this Picture to your Instagram, remember your profile should be made to public
- Write "I wanna win the [Choose One: Picnic Mats tickets or Drive in Tickets] to Movie under the Stars by White Sands!"
- Hashtag #CheersAtWhiteSands and #MiraculeWhiteSandsGiveaway

3) Leave your Email so that I can Contact You When You Win!
- You can leave a comment in this blog post or Facebook Post to let me know your FB and/or Instagram names and email address so that i can contact you if you win!:)

Terms and Conditions for Giveaway:
  • Contest is open to fans of Miracule residing in Singapore only
  • Incomplete step will be disqualified. 
  • Only one winner per household. Duplicate winners of the same giveaway on other websites may be disqualified. The final decision will be made by the sponsors.
  • Contest ends on Sunday night, 22 may 2016, at 1159pm. 
  • Winner will be announced on the blog and notified via email. Winner is required to provide Full name, IC number and mobile number for prize collection purposes. Please kindly response within 48 hours, else a next winner will be drawn. 
  • Gifts won are not are non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable
  • Collection of tickets will be at White Sands Customer Service Counter, Level 2 on 28 May 2016 before 4pm. 
  • Winner will need to produce their IC to claim their tickets
  • Facebook, Instagram and Blogger are not associated with this giveaway. Information provided are for Miracule and not for Facebook, Instagram or any other social platform.


Website |  Facebook | Instagram

White Sands is located at Pasir Ris Central next to the MRT Station and within the recreational area of Pasir Ris New Town. 

White Sands offers its residential catchment the convenience of a one-stop shopping mall in an upbeat shopping environment, focusing on today’s healthy and active lifestyle. Being sited within the recreational zone along the eastern coastline of Singapore, White Sands has naturally become a popular destination among weekend holiday-makers. The mall is also a convenient stopover for young National Servicemen making their way to their Pulau Tekong training base camp. 

In its commitment to sustainability, White Sands has been awarded with the BCA Green Mark Platinum award on 12 March 2015.

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